Zirnsak, Tessa - Equallywell Forum 2024

Tessa-May Zirnsak is an early career researcher and consumer academic at La Trobe University. Tessa’s research centres around understanding how and why people diagnosed with mental illness face a disproportional amount of coercion and control. Tessa has worked on health service evaluations, industry, and independent research projects.

Launch: Taking Charge of Your Care: How to Communicate Your Needs Health Resource

Introducing the Taking Charge of Your Care: How to Communicate Your Needs Health Resource – a tool to support autonomy and self-determination, designed by people living with mental and physical health concerns for others who experience these issues. This project was meticulously co-designed over two years to address the unique challenges faced by those navigating care at the intersection of physical and mental health.

At its core, this resource is an empowerment tool, encouraging individuals to identify their needs and be clear with their clinicians. The tool empowers its users to leave less up to the discretion of their doctor by clearly identifying and communicating their needs in a way that cannot be ignored.

This presentation will delve into the development of this invaluable resource, highlighting its key features and the transformative impact it promises to have on mental health advocacy. Join us as we embark on a journey to improve agency and equity, together reshaping the landscape of mental healthcare communication.