Ms Emily Knights (CCRN)

Emily is a Research and Critical Care Nurse based in the Integrated Mental Health Research Program in the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne. She is working with participants on the Assertive Cardiac Care Trial to review their CVD risk, establish goals to improve their heart health, and to support these goals.


Title: Coproducing assertive cardiac care with and for people with lived experience

Author(s): Dr Matthew Lewis, Ms Emily Knights, Associate Professor Victoria Palmer, Ms Elise Dettmann

Introduction: The fact that a possible 25 year gap in life expectancy exists for some people with SMI is a global human rights issue and an unacceptable health inequity that must be addressed. While ways to improve this situation exist, the problem persists. Coproduction is essential to addressing this social justice concern. In this paper we reflect on the equitable working relationships, and power disruptions made possible by coproducing an intervention focused on heart health with people who live with SMI.

Method: Iterative coproduction cycles were facilitated with people living with SMI.  Coproduction began through exploring how heart health information was conveyed and what might help to improve heart health. Development and prototype testing was conducted through further coproduction cycles. A final intervention model was coproduced and piloted before wider implementation.

Results and findings: Through the coproduction process, core components of the intervention were identified that would not have been possible without bringing people with lived-experience and researchers together to co-create the intervention. These core components include 1) conversation aid supporting heart health discussions and change identification; 2) take home action plan that was simple, readable and visually engaging; 3) heart health information booklet and 4) tailored SMS messaging.

Discussion:  The coproduced intervention components are central to engaging with people on their own terms and in a way that enables their experiences to drive changes in how they might address their heart health.  The development and final form of study aids were determined by the coproduction partners demonstrating the shared power and decision making that underpins coproduction.  The coproduction processes have led to a partnership model of care for delivery in the community setting. Intervention prototypes were further coproduced with healthcare workers and their insights on guidance for improving heart health were integrated for implementation in the trial.

Knights, Emily 2021 05 10