Fay Jackson
Fay Jackson is the General Manager of Inclusion at Flourish Australia, which is a large not for profit organisation supporting people with mental health issues across NSW, Queensland and Victoria. She is an Emeritus Deputy NSW Mental Health Commissioner and a current member of the Clinical Innovation and Clinical Excellence Commission Council. She is the founder and CEO of Vision In Mind, which is a consultancy and training company. Fay has been one of the National Mental Health Commission Leaders, the Director of Consumer, Carer and Community Affairs with the Illawarra South East Sydney Mental Health Service. She began her work in mental health as a volunteer and then as a paid Peer Worker. She had her first permanent job at the age of 40 owing to the discrimination she had previously experienced. Fay has won many awards for her work in mental health and was a guest on the ABC TV One Plus One program in 2017 and 2019, and was a guest panellist on QandA in 2015.
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