Chris Maylea

Chris Maylea

Chris Maylea is a social worker, lawyer, and Associate Professor of law at La Trobe University and a member of the Equally Well Project Team. He has practice experience in mental health services as a social worker and manager, and regularly appears before the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal as a legal representative. He is Deputy Chair of the VMIAC. Associate Professor Maylea’s work sits at the intersections of health, welfare and the law, and is underpinned by human rights and social justice.

Associate Professor Maylea previously managed and evaluated mainstream Aboriginal and child and family community mental health services, rehabilitation units and assertive outreach and support services in regional areas.

Associate Professor Maylea will be the co-lead for this project and responsible for all communication and deliverables for the project.


A Rights Approach To Health Equity

The Equally Well Healthtalk project is a unique initiative that explores the intersection between physical health and mental health. The project aims to bring to light the experiences of Australians living with both physical and mental health conditions and to understand the challenges they face in accessing health care services. The project uses a qualitative research methodology to gather data from individuals who have lived experience of physical and mental health conditions. This presentation will highlight the findings of the Equally Well Healthtalk project, which provides a comprehensive insight into the lived experiences of Australians living with both physical and mental health conditions, and showcase the digital resource developed as a key project output. The presentation will provide an overview of the study design and methodology, as well as the key findings and recommendations from the research. The Equally Well Healthtalk project provides a unique opportunity to understand the complex interplay between physical and mental health and the impact this has on the overall health and well-being of Australians. The findings of this project are particularly relevant in the current health care climate, where there is an increasing recognition of the importance of integrated care and the need for health care services to address the needs of the whole person. This presentation will offer important recommendations for health care providers, policy makers and researchers to improve the delivery of health care services to this population. The Equally Well Healthtalk project is an important step towards achieving better health outcomes for all Australians.