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Russell Roberts

Dr Russell Roberts is a Professor at Charles Sturt University and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. Living in Orange, NSW his is a board member of the ANZ Mental Health Association, Chair of the Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium and Editor in Chief of the Australian Journal of Rural Health. He has also been on the NSW Mental Health Commission Advisory Council and Director of Clinical Training at Griffith University, Queensland. He has previously served as director of a large regional mental health service of over 1,000 staff, delivering comprehensive services across the spectrum of mental health care.


Physical health and mental illness: A national review of initiative and activity.

Presenter: Prof Russell Roberts, Equally Well Australia.

This paper presents the results of the national review of initiatives and activities designed to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness. Summarising the results from 72 of the Equally Well supporter organisations and from 22 Primary Health Networks. It will highlight the types of activities most frequently implemented and identify current gaps and opportunities for further development. It will also demonstrate the newly developed searchable and ‘filterable’ website database of these activities – where users can find the description and contact details for the type and focus of activity they might be interested in. It is anticipated this will be a valuable database resource for anyone considering developing a new program or refining an existing initiative. It will optimise opportunities for sharing of learnings around the development and implementation of new projects and facilitate opportunities for coordination and collaboration across sectors, states and service types.