Rocks, Tetyana

Tetyana Rocks

Dr Tetyana Rocks is a Senior Research Fellow and head of Translation and Education at the Food & Mood Centre, IMPACT, Deakin University where she leads the Food and Mood Academy. Dr Rocks is has extensively involved in education and training of professionals and community on the topic of Nutritional Psychiatry and is regularly invited to speak at academic and professional events. Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Dr Rocks is chairing an internationally recognised free online course Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition (>82,000 enrolees globally) and a continuing professional development course Introduction to Nutritional Psychiatry endorsed by the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatry.


Nutritional Psychiatry: Current Evidence and Practice

Considerable evidence now exists for the role of health behaviours, including diet, in supporting health and quality of life of individuals living with mental illness. Dietitians and clinical nutritionists are best placed to design and deliver interventions which address individual nutritional requirements and are feasible and sustainable in the long term. However, consumers of mental health care may not have access to nutritional specialists within their treatment team. Alongside this, health professionals across the care continuum are increasingly encouraged to address diet and other lifestyle behaviours in their practice. This talk will discuss the current evidence in the field of Nutritional Psychiatry and its implementation in practice.