Guidelines for sharing Your Story

Forums are an opportunity to share our experiences.  Sometimes these discussions may be challenging and express the difficulties faced when trying to access services.

The Equally Well “Your Story” platform strives to assist others with their journey by gaining insight from others.  Your story may provide valuable insight for someone else, so when writing your story, we ask you to focus on processes that may have helped your recovery so that other people can be better informed.

Whilst this is your story, and we do not wish to constrict it in any way, for the safety, consideration, and respect of others, we ask all submissions adhere to the following guidelines;

  • Do not use distressing or harmful content, this includes graphic or descriptive details
  • Be mindful of the language used as this can be triggering and may elicit traumatic responses
  • Do not provide detailed information on your medication, or the medication of others
  • Do not include self-harm or suicide details, ideologies or experiences
  • Do not include details or suggestions on eating disorder behaviours (recommendations on calories (counting or other), diets, weight loss/gain strategies, etc)
  • Do not include detailed information regarding sexual or physical abuse
  • Only post information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and be mindful of making any defamatory comments
  • Do not disclose any personal details such as telephone numbers, your address, medical or financial details
  • Submissions by carers must not identify anyone in their care
  • Only 1 photograph of yourself may be submitted which must not be in any way inappropriate, violent, self-deprecating or other.


By submitting your story through the “Your Story” platform, you consent to its publication on the Equally Well website.  You also consent to the use and publication of your name and image (if submitted) in connection with your story.  Charles Sturt University reserves the right to edit or delete submissions that it considers, at its sole discretion, are not in compliance with the guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate.  Charles Sturt University also reserves the right to modify or edit stories that are too long.


The personal information you have provided when submitting your story through the “Your Story” platform is managed in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and Charles Sturt University’s Privacy Management Plan.  For more information regarding your privacy, please see