Darren Jiggins

Lived Experience Representative

Jiggings, Darren 20200914

In the 90s, Darren met his first Peer Worker in a ‘self-help’ group for people living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in WA. He was stunned to find other people were having the same lived experience and was inspired by the support to attend meetings for eight years. This experience encouraged Darren to accept OCD as a part of his life and helped him see a brighter future which led to marriage, quitting smoking, eating well, doing lots of exercise and contributing to society. Ultimately they helped Darren find his value as a person worthy of living a long contributing life.

Darren then worked as a Peer Worker and a Peer Consultant in Tasmania for 18 years. This role was an opportunity to share his experience of finding a way out of homelessness and poverty, making healthier decisions and keeping active in his own wellbeing. Darren hopes this connection and understanding was key in supporting others to rethink their own commitments to changing habits of a lifetime.

Darren believes health and wellbeing is not about extremes, or shaming others, but rather all of our daily challenges in loving ourselves and striving for a balanced life.