De Backman-Hoyle

Lived Experience Representative

Backman-Hoyle, De 2022 04 02

De Backman-Hoyle has been advocating for those with a Lived Experience of Mental Illness for over 30 years. Her professional background as an Organisational Development Practitioner has allowed her to better understand and navigate the complex and fragmented National Mental Health Sector.

Currently holding National Lived Experience Leadership Roles such as Community Co-Chair representative at the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and as Community member representative at Beyond Blue on the Clinical Governance Committee as well as other committee community representative roles plus previous Mental Health board roles.

One area of focus that De still believes needs more dedicated attention is the physical health and well-being of those living with mental illness, her view is that for too long many people have been treated as human compartments with professionals and clinicians more interested in either above the neck or below the neck, her belief is there is little point assisting someones mental illness if the trade off is to harm the person physically somewhere else.