This forum is for experts by experience and allies to present their latest innovation, research, challenges and insights on the physical health of people living with mental illness.


Storey Hall, RMIT, Building 16 336/348 Swanston St Melbourne VIC 3000


27 - 28 May 2024


Free of charge

This event will put stories and experiences of consumers and carers centre stage.

Storey Hall
Storey Hall

Equally Well  acknowledges that the area of lived experience engagement and mental health includes many diverse terms and phrases that refer to people, roles and processes across different settings, contexts, and jurisdictions. The intention of our communication and use of terminology is for inclusive language that reduces stigma and discrimination, reflects the diversity of our community and is appropriate for the context in which it is applied.

Lived Experience experts will lead the conversation in a forum open to clinicians, researchers, advocates, educators, service providers, policy makers and anyone keen to share strategies and case studies about:

  • Positive actions taking place to improve physical health outcomes for people in the mental health system
  • Barriers and challenges that prevent advancement of physical health needs for people living with mental health challenges
  • Insights and opportunities to take the Equally Well movement forward in achieving its aim of closing the life expectancy gap for people living with mental illness.

The 2024 Equally Well Forum is an in-person-only event.

The program for the Forum will be structured to promote and encourage discussion from the floor.  There will also be a series of workshops designed to generate further discussion.  Unfortunately, this will be difficult to capture and participate virtually.  Registrations are only available for in-person participation.

You can follow a live blog of the event on the Equally Well website (latest news) and a Book of Proceedings will be published including summaries of the presentations and outcomes of the Forum discussion.

More information will be coming soon: program details, opportunities to present, participant registration, and more on our website and social media!


Thank you to our generous sponsors.  
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