Improving the physical health of people living with mental illness

Regular cholesterol checks and cancer screening can identify problems early and enable effective treatments.
Ask your mental health professional what physical health checks you should be having.
laughter-Smoking cessation programs
Smoking cessation programs integrated into mental health programs result in motivated individuals who experience good quit rates.
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80% of people living with mental illness also have a serious physical health condition.

All Australian governments and key professional, peak and non-government organisations have committed to Equally Well.

Find physical health resources

Equally Well has been established to support those with mental illness live longer and have a good quality of life. Resources have been collected, collated and curated to assist consumers, carers, professionals and service providers

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Helping Yourself

Access ways to help you help yourself.

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Helping Others

Access ways to help you when helping others and to support you as a carer.

Enhancing workplace practice

Enhancing workplace practice.

Search our resources to see what other organisations have done to improve the health of people living with mental illness who come into their service.

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