The Equally Well promotional tool kit is a downloadable and shareable kit of multi-media tools designed to help our partners and supporters and promote the key elements of the National Consensus Statement.

Please read the Promotional Tools Guide before you use any of the resources here.

The style guide includes;

  • Fonts, colours and size dimensions for the Equally Well Logo
  • Examples of sample content for social media posts
  • Language prompts for respectful and meaningful use of mental health related terms
  • Key messages about Equally Well to use as speaker notes or in briefing documents

Help us share the impact of the Equally Well project.

These resources are available for anyone wanting to share and spread the message of the Equally Well mission to improve the physical health outcomes for people living with mental health challenges.

You can use each of the tools individually, for example download individual PowerPoint slides, or access the entire slide deck. Spread the Equally Well mission in your staff meetings, conference presentations or across your social media channels to help spread the impact of the work to improve health equity for all.

For other information about Equally and our supporters go to the News and Events page.


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