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David’s 5 Step program to being Equally Well

Equally Well Ambassador David Everitt is taking the Equally Well mission out to his veteran’s community and changing lives. David Everitt didn’t realise it at the time, but a mental breakdown in his 50’s, the result of delayed PTSD from his time serving in the Vietnam War, would become the thing that actually saved his life.

Equally Well shares in over $5 million for research to improve physical health of people living with mental illness

Three research teams will share in over $5.1 million in targeted funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to investigate ways to improve the physical health of people with mental illness. The NHMRC grants will support three new initiatives that further enhance the impact of Equally Well in the collective mission of our supporters and partners to reduce the life expectancy gap for people living with mental illness.

Psychosocial Physical Health and Wellbeing

Psychosocial Physical Health and Wellbeing The Marathon Health Pilot Project is currently underway in the Murrumbidgee region. It focuses on capacity building for the psychosocial workforce […]

Collaborative Care Clinic

Collaborative Care Clinic This is a Multidisciplinary, Multi-agency, Collaborative Clinic run twice a week at the Corowa office where MH-referred clients and NDIS participants are booked […]

GP Program

GP Program To enhance the provision of holistic care to young people accessing headspace centres, especially those without a community GP, additional support is provided to […]

Homelessness Health Programs

Homelessness Health Programs The Homeless Health Service offers comprehensive after-hours primary care, including face-to-face clinics, telehealth clinics, consultations, mobile outreach, health coaching, care navigation, and case […]

Commissioned Services – hEIT & CASPAR

Commissioned Services – hEIT & CASPAR The hEIT (headspace Early Intervention Team) and CASPAR (Comprehensive Assessment Service for Psychosis and At Risk) are specialized services dedicated […]

Commissioned Service – TEAM

Commissioned Service – TEAM Free 8-week online healthy lifestyle program and health coaching for adolescents aged 13 – 17. The program is run online across eight […]

SANE Guided Service

SANE Guided Service A guided program of psychosocial support has been implemented in selected Primary Health Network (PHN) regions, targeting individuals aged 18 and above with […]

PhysiCards and PhysiCards online

PhysiCards and PhysiCards online The Interactive Person-Led Tool is a user-friendly resource designed to empower individuals to regularly review their health, detect any changes, and identify […]